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IRONMAN World Champion

Hawaii, 2014

IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion

Las Vegas, 2012 & 2013

IRONMAN Europen Champion

Frankfurt, 2014, 2016 & 2017

2nd IRONMAN Weltmeisterschaft

Hawaii, 2016

2nd IRONMAN 70.3 Weltmeisterschaft

Zell am See, 2015 & Mooloolaba, 2016

3rd IRONMAN Weltmeisterschaft

Hawaii 2013 & 2019

PORTRAIT Sebastian Kienle

Sebastian Kienle has won everything an IRONMAN can win. He is a three-time European Champion, he won the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship title twice and with the victory at the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii he achieved the greatest thing the world of triathlon has to offer. 


He is a fanatic, he is a perfectionist, he is what you call a hard worker and a fighter. His passion for sport, his discipline and determination made him what he is today: Sebastian Kienle is one of the most successful triathletes in the world.

BOOK Sebastian Kienle - Vom Underdog zum Weltmeister

In November 2022 was the launch of the book "Sebastian Kienle – Vom Underdog zum Weltmeister", which currently is available in German language only.

IRONMAN World Champion

In 2012 Sebastian Kienle competes at IRONMAN Hawaii for the first time. Despite a technical issue, he rides the festes bike split und ends up in fourth place. One year later, with a 3rd place, he earns his first podium spot. In October 2014 Sebastian Kienle's dream came true, he won the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii. No race is as legendary and as spectacular as this one: the IRONMAN in Kona. Coming out of the Pacific Ocean with just a three minute deficit behind the leaders after 3.8 kilometers of swimming, Kienle was chasing hard to catch his competitors. His time of 4:20:46 hours for 180 kilometers on the bike catapults him not only over the Queen Ka'ahumanu - better known as Queen K-Highway - but also to the top of the field. His final marathon in 2:54:36 hours was good enough to hold off all competitors end the day finishing first on Ali'i Drive in 8:14:18 hours. A moment that makes you forget all the pain and that tastes so sweet that Sebastian Kienle wants more of this.

At IRONMAN Hawaii 2016, after a thrilling duel, Sebastian Kienle finished second behind Jan Frodeno. In 2019 Sebastian claimed his fourth podium at the IRONMAN World Championships crossing the finish line in third.

IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion

To come the top is easy - to stay at the top, however, is more difficult. When Sebastian Kienle won his first IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion in 2012 and repeated his success a year later, he proves that he is one of the real great champions in triathlon. Unforgettable: His bike ride at the 2012 World Championship in Henderson, Las Vegas. A helicopter filmed Sebastian Kienle as he catched the leading group and directly overtaked them at double speed. From this moment on the Americans call him the "German uberbiker". In 2013 he successfully defended his IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion title.

At the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships 2015 in Zell am See as well as 2016 in Mooloolaba Sebastian Kienle fell a little bit short winning his third title by becoming runner-up twice.

IRONMAN Europaean Champion

Sebastian Kienle has won the IRONMAN European Champs in Frankfurt twice. He celebrated his first victory on 6th July 2014 at the same time with his 30th birthday - a more beautiful gift had it hardly could be. In the same year, he was the first person ever to win IRONMAN World Championship Hawaii. As defending champion he was second in Frankfurt in 2015, but won again in 2016. In 2017 he was able to defend his title.

Challenge Roth

His first long distance was the legendary Challenge Roth in 2010. It is already known at this time that Sebastian is one of the great hopes for the future of German triathlon. And at this point it's a fact that Sebastian is not only the best in the world with 4:14:07 hours for 180 kilometers on the bike, but also the first rookie in history to reach the goal under the magic eight-hour mark in 7:59:06 hours. He returns to Roth in 2011 and became second behind Andreas Raelert and improves his personal best to 7:57:06 hours. In 2018 Sebastian finally came back to Roth again and fulfilled his dream of winning the race.

King of Buschhütten

The story of Sebastian Kienle has a chapter that is too valuable to be hidden between records and titles. It is a chapter that tells of a race, which should become something like a jumping board into professional sports. It is the chapter of the Triathlon Buschhuetten. For decades the race in the Siegerland was the prestigious season start in the triathlon year. Whoever wins there shows early in the year that he was ready for a good season. With an impressive series of five victories in a row (2008-2012), Sebastian Kienle writes his name in the German Triathlon history books and since then has been the unofficial "King of Buschhuetten".

Name: Sebastian Kienle

Nickname: Sebi

Birthday: 6. Juli 1984, Mühlacker

Height & Weight: 180 cm, 73 kg

Team: TriTeam Heuchelberg

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